Rakhi thali decoration

Rakhi thali is not any different from the usual puja thali. It also has all the puja materials that are required for any traditional puja viz. diya, roli or tika, rice, sandalwood, incense sticks. Additionally, it also has rakhis and some sweets along with usual puja materials.

If you go out in the market and look around for Rakhi thali, you will get hundreds of different designs and decoration varieties of Rakhi thali. Yes, that’s true. Rakhi thali could be made of silver, brass, or steel and decorated with various different materials like banana leaves, betel leaves, colored clothes, sandalwood etc.

It would definitely be easy if you purchase a Rakhi thali but trust us you will feel a greater charm of happiness and satisfaction if you decorate your own, yourself at home.

Here, we are presenting a few Rakhi thali decoration ideas.

  • You can buy plain thali from the market. It can be of plain steel or silver or brass. Or you can also use a thali from your kitchen.
  • Draw a Swastika sign in the middle of the rakhi thali and a symbol of Lord Ganesha. You need three tiny containers for roli, rice and water, a diya and an incense stick stand. Rakhi and flowers can be placed directly in the thali itself and sweets can be placed in a separate plate or directly inside the thali.
  • You can use Beatle leaves as a replacement of the containers. Beatle leaves are considered auspicious.
  •  You can put a banana leaf on an ordinary thali to give it a festive look and arrange the puja ingredients directly on the banana leaf.


  • You may decorate the rakhi thali with a yellow or red cotton bandhani cloth and decorate with gota (Golden lace) or moli. Take care that diya and the burning incense sticks doesn’t come in direct contact with the cloth.


  • Create a sacred aura by placing a jute mat and asanas and arrange your rakhi thali on it.


  • You are done with decorating the rakhi thali. Enjoy your festival with your loving sibling.


Keep in mind that there can be hundreds of ways Rakhi thali can be decorated. We have just presented one way. Use your imagination and delight your brother this rakhi. All the best!